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What is Therapy?

Therapy is about feeling better about ourselves and our lives. It's not about fixing what is wrong but healing our insecurities and facing our fears. By enhancing our self-esteem and developing a sense of compassion for ourselves we can begin to understand how we can affect change in our lives and regain the control we often feel has been lost.

Who can benefit from Therapy?

If we wish to feel better about ourselves and our lives we can. Symptoms associated with anxiety, depression, lack of self-confidence, stress and general adjustment to change are addressed in therapy sessions. These symptoms can be related to traumatic experiences in the past or present, difficulty in the work place or at home, loss of a family member or loved one through death, separation or divorce, problems in personal and professional relationships, or low self-esteem.

Sometimes individuals seek help to deal with a stressful situation or event in their lives, other times because they want to get along better with loved ones and experience more peace of mind and joy in their lives. Therapy is a process which can address all these issues and promote personal growth and change.

Connection to our own sense of self is a central part of personal growth and development. Techniques are provided that give individuals the opportunity to create and strengthen their self awareness and promote emotional healing. Self awareness provides a basis for healing old wounds so we can let go of the past, stop fearing the future and enjoy the wonder of now. This provides us with the opportunity to grow to our full potential.